Dear Presidents and Managing Directors of the esteemed  Reciprocal Clubs of Grémio Literário, Lisbon,

In order to prevent any problems for both your members and our members and staff, due to the situation of the widespread of coronavirus or Covid19, we kindly ask you to inform your Members that Grémio Literário has hereby suspended yours activitie and all visits of Grémio Literário's  Members or Members of our Affiliated Clubs until this is considered safe by the Portuguese Medical Authorities.

We regret the adoption of this measure, but feel it will safeguard all, and will gladly advise you of the cancellation of this safety precautions as soon as the situation is overcome and visitors and members can safely assemble.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding in this matter, and to your adherence to this measure.

With kindest regards,
António Pinto Marques, M.D.
Grémio Literário, Lisboa